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Hand-Held Air Tools

Hand-Held Blower/Vac Model
Introducing the improved Cadillac Brand of Hand-Held Air Tools . . . designed, engineered and manufactured by Clements National Company since 1910.

One primary reason for the popularity of the Cadillac Brand of Hand-Held Air Tools is Dependable Performance.

Each unit is designed to operate under the most demanding requirements, and when it comes to industrial requirements, there are none more demanding.

The motors in all Cadillac Air Tools feature sealed, precision, permanently lubricated, ball-bearings to minimize maintenance problems and downtime; shatter resistant impeller and fan chamber; and, rugged cast aluminum motor housing. And more, even the finish--baked enamel--is designed to last.

In addition, when you consider that each Cadillac Air Tool can be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner or blower, it's not too surprising that every year more and more companies are finding that Cadillac Brand of Air Tools are the simple solution to many of their production and maintenance needs.

For Production, Maintenance, Cleaning and Testing, Few Compare to the Versatile Cadillac Brand of Air Tools
  • Machine Cleaning
  • Removing Dust and Debris from Electrical Control Panels
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Coil Cleaning
  • Testing for Leaks in Air Ducts
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Air Drying
  • Numerous Other Applications
MODEL HP-33 Model HP-33 Performance Specifications
  • 150 - 196 CFM
  • 29,600 - 33,570 FPM
  • Max S.P. 48" W.G. (High Speed)
  • Max S.P. 36" W.G. (Low Speed)
  • 1.5 Horsepower (High Speed)
  • 1.16 Horsepower (Low Speed)
  • 115 VAC*
  • 8.3 Amp
  • 11 Amp
* Also available in 230 VAC and other Voltages.
MODEL G-12 Model G-12 Performance Specifications
  • Performance Specifications
  • 155 CFM
  • 34,225 FPM
  • Max S.P. 40" W.G.
  • 1.4 Horsepower
  • 115 VAC
  • 10.5 Amp
MODEL F-10 Model F-10 Performance Specifications
  • 109 CFM
  • 27,050 FPM
  • Max S.P. 25" W.G.
  • 0.65 Horsepower
  • 115 VAC*
  • 5 Amp
* Also available in 230 VAC and other Voltages.
ACCESSORY KIT Accessory Kit Accessory Kit Consists of:
  • Dust Bag
  • 4 Ft. Hose
  • Sam Browne Belt
  • Clip-on Brush
  • 2 Nozzzles (as shown)

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