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Connector Products, Capabilities and Services for Rail Transportation

ClementsNational is a leading connector manufacturer and supplier of electrical interconnect products designed for passenger rail, commuter high speed rail, commuter light/heavy rail transit, locomotive builders, freight, private rail, and new car/refurbishment builders.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, the Clements National |Cadillac| brand train-line products supports the rail transportation marketplace with high quality and competitively priced products. Products include: Custom cable harnessing, 480 V HEP integrally molded plug and receptacle jumpers, 27 pin communication/MU jumper and receptacles, circular, heavy duty power and control transit rail connectors (threaded, bayonet), custom junction box/control panel assembly/repair, and custom interconnect design capabilities.

Trainline Product Catalog
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Trainline Product Catalog

Specification information for our Trainline Products are available in Adobe Acrobat format. To view this information, you must have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in, which is available free by clicking here.

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Other Markets Served by Clements National

Marine, Oil, Gas Market Products Catalog
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Specification information for our Marine, Oil, Gas and Automatic Crane Spreader Products are available in Adobe Acrobat format. To view this information, click on the above links or left and right images.

Automatic Crane Spreader Products Catalog
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480 Series | 27 Series | CN Series | 50 Series | Junction Box| DX Series

Satisified customers include:
Amtrak Metra NJ Transit BombardierBombardier

GE Transportation EMD EMD Metro-North alstom transportation

nippon sharyo Nippon Sharyo Kawasaki SCRRA California Transit MBCR

 480 Series HEP
Head end power (HEP) for locomotive hauled passenger rail cars. 6 contact, integrally molded head end power connectors

480 Series

  • Integrally molded plug (standard color - yellow) and receptacle (standard color - red) Optional colors available upon request
  • Qualified to APTA RP-E-018-99 and AMTRAK D-77-24N specifications
  • Clements 480V jumper and receptacle assemblies are 100% electrically tested for IR and Hi-pot per APTA specifications
  • Receptacle skirt features a patented, integrally molded, expandable stabilizer to eliminate insertion problems often encountered in connectors with glued support rings
  • 480V RPA/RRA Series in-field repairable kits also available for quick fix repair situations
      480 Volt Connectors Catalog

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 27 Series
Car control/communication and mu trainline (COMM) car control/communications and (MU) multiple unit locomotive control

27 Series

  • Manufactured to conform to AAR-S-512 and APTA RP-E-019-99 specifications
  • Durable power paint coating offers a multitude of color options and provides superior long-term protection of hardware
  • Clements 27 Point jumpers and receptacle assemblies are 100% electrically tested for IR and hi-pot per APTA specifications.
  • Complete interchangeable and intermateable with other major brands.
      27 Points Connectors Catalog

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 CN Series Circular Connectors
The Cadillac CN Series is a heavy-duty, threaded, circular metal shell, multi-pin and socket interconnection system that meets and exceeds the electrical and mechanical requirements of Mil-C-5015

CN Series

New Cadillac CN Series Catalog

  • Conforms to UL1977 and certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO. 182.3-M1987
  • Quick coupling achieved with positive double lead thread
  • Cadillac CN Series is intermateable with all major brands
  • Wide range of multi-contact insert configurations ranging from #20 Awg to #4/0 Awg
  • Durable corrosion resistant finish with black anodic coating
  • Crimp style contacts are offered with standard silver plating (other plating options are available)

ETL Certification for UL 1977 and CSA C22.2 No182.3Click on the image for certification

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 50 Series Bayonet or Threaded Connectors
Quick disconnect threaded/bayonet power and control circular connectors for industrial and transit applications

50 Series

  • Connector design based on the Mil-C-5015 specification while maintaining the standard MS shell sizes and insert configurations
  • Quick couple/de-coupling bayonet style or standard threaded coupling
  • Crimp or solder type contacts are available for all sizes
  • Contact the factory for a wide array of available options and special configurations

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 Cadillac Junction Boxes
Cadillac high quality, modular designed and fully-assembled custom junction box assemblies for industrial and transit applications

Junction Boxes

  • Clements offers "One Source" manufacturing eliminating multiple out-sourced tasks and helping to eliminate costly project delays
  • Fully assembled junction boxes are offered using the wide range of Clements National connector products
  • As an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility all junction boxes are quality inspected, serialized and tested prior to shipment
  • Clements National's dedication to the industrial and trainline industry ensures the reliability and durability expected for rugged environmental conditions

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 DX Series
Cadillac's DX Series offers an auxilary trainline control and communications connector assembly

DX Series

  • Rugged 8 pin configuration with polarizing pin
  • Molded plug and receptacle assembly for optimum environmental protection and durability
  • Available in standard and custom lead lengths
  • Consult factory for available contact arrangements and ordering information

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